Best Places to Buy Soccer Equipment for Beginners

Expert section: Mate Kontra – I’ve played soccer at a very high level all my life. Throughout my time playing, I’ve been coached by ex-pro, D1, and Academy level coaches, currently playing at the MLS-Next level as a wingback in California. When first starting to play soccer, finding every piece of equipment players need to participate can be difficult. Here are the best stores to find soccer gear for beginning players. 

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When I first started playing soccer, learning about the equipment required for organized soccer was very exciting. 

It was fun to be able to learn about all of the flashy gear that professionals use.

However, soon as I needed to find a way to acquire the gear, I was clueless. 

Many players just starting with soccer have the same struggle.

Especially in the modern market with inflated prices and many low-quality products, it’s easy to find the wrong product in the wrong place.  

So if that category includes you, it’s your lucky day!

This article will discuss the eight best places to shop for soccer gear, specifically for beginner players. 

I have experience with each of these stores and can verify that customers will have a great experience. 


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Elite Synthetic Material Adidas Cleats
‘Elite Synthetic Material Adidas Cleats’ (#1 Unsplash – Braden Hopkins)

Top 8 Places to Shop Soccer Equipment for Beginner Players

Before we get into the list, there is one important note that beginner players should remember while shopping for soccer gear. 

Equipment in the soccer world is all about marginal improvements. 

Cleats, socks, or shin guards will only provide so much help for players to perform, so having the most expensive high-tech equipment is not important at the starting stage. 

Having style is great, but keep in mind that inexperienced players will likely not notice the benefits of high-quality gear. 

It’s better to save money and invest it into better gear when it matters more. 

With that said, it’s completely up to the customer; we want to make sure that they are satisfied with their decisions after they’ve made them. 

So without further ado, let’s get into the list!

Soccer Player Practicing Shooting With a Goalkeeper
‘Soccer Player Practicing Shooting With a Goalkeeper’ (#2 Unsplash – Omar Ram)

#1: Strictly Soccer Shoppe

Strictly Soccer Shoppe is a Virginia store that allows customers to order equipment online. 

The main advantage of shopping at Strictly Soccer is their size. 

They’re relatively unknown, so most soccer equipment is always in stock. 

Their selection could improve, but the important part is that their products fit the average customer’s budget without sacrificing quality. 

With frequent sales and competitive prices, they’re a great place to purchase entry-level soccer gear. 

The drawback of shopping at Strictly Soccer is no international shipping (only within the US), and their shipping can take some time depending on the target address. 

From my experience, shipping can take anywhere from several business days to over a week. 

I ordered from the West Coast while the store is on the East Coast, so delivery times are likely less than a week to other states. 

#2: Adidas

As one of the high-profile sports stores in the soccer world, there is no mistake about relying on Adidas.

Adidas has some of the best quality soccer gear, ranging from cleats and socks to backpacks and soccer balls.

They offer anything and everything in their selection of soccer products.

The main advantage of shopping with Adidas over other stores is the quality of all their products.

It’s no mistake that the soccer equipment I purchased years ago is still usable with no flaws.

Of course, it also depends on the equipment type and use, but the quality of their products speaks for themselves.

Adidas does have higher prices than most other brands, but whether customers believe it or not, it’s possible to save money in two ways.

Firstly, through seasonal and holiday sales, similar to other name-brand stores.

Customers can often find up to 50% discounts on multiple products, saving potentially hundreds of dollars with one purchase.

Another way to save money is by investing in products that will last a long time.

For example, players use a backpack lightly, unlike a pair of soccer cleats dragged across rough playing surfaces.

While their products have a higher upfront cost, they will stand the test of time, saving money through longevity.

Synthetic Material Orange Puma Cleats
‘Synthetic Material Orange Puma Cleats’ (#3 Unsplash – Braden Hopkins)

#3: WeGotSoccer

For players who want the highest quality gear right away, WeGotSoccer is one of the best places to start. 

With frequent sales and competitive prices on the latest equipment, WeGotSoccer is a great store for players to dive into the best equipment on the market. 

Especially for cleats, they’re one of the best stores to shop for premium cleats more affordably, selling cleats valued as high as $300 marked down to under $150 in their clearance section.

It’s still costly but the best I’ve seen for flagship equipment. 

The same benefits apply to players looking to purchase entry-level gear, mostly only for cleats. 

WeGotSoccer offers many cleats originally valued around $70-100 for as low as $20-$40. 

For beginner players, that is the deal of a lifetime. 

There are very few drawbacks to shopping at WeGotSoccer. 

Firstly, many stores have a reward system in which the more items customers purchase, the more rewards they earn. 

WeGotSoccer doesn’t have a system like this. 

Most of the savings and benefits come from their frequent sale events and massive clearance discounts. 

Secondly, they’re often out of stock on trendy items. 

WeGotSoccer is a popular store that many players use to purchase their equipment, so there are times when jerseys, backpacks, or cleats are out of stock. 

#4: Soccer Garage

Soccer Garage is a great place to shop specifically for soccer equipment.  

They primarily offer training gear such as cones, soccer balls, or ball bags. 

The main advantage of shopping at Soccer Garage is that they’re less known than other soccer stores.

Fewer customers shop with Soccer Garage, so popular items are often in stock. 

The drawback of shopping at Soccer Garage is that their cleat selection is unimpressive, to say the least. 

Certain pairs are available, mostly from Adidas, but their selection could be better. 

I recommend looking for cleats at other stores because they will provide a better shopping experience with cleats. 

If you need any guidance, please check out our list of the best places to shop for soccer cleats in 2023 or the most affordable places to shop for soccer cleats

Authentic Arsenal Jersey From the 2019/20 Season
‘Authentic Arsenal Jersey From the 2019/20 Season’ (#4 Unsplash – Nelson Ndongala)

#5: World Soccer Shop

World Soccer Shop is among the best places to shop for soccer equipment in all metrics.

There are two main reasons customers should purchase their gear at World Soccer Shop.

Firstly, they have amazing prices on the highest quality equipment on the market, and secondly, their selection is some of the most diverse out of any store selling soccer equipment.

Most of the equipment that World Soccer Shop sells is the flagship version of the manufacturer’s product.

These generally cost hundreds of dollars, but by shopping through the clearance section of World Soccer Shop, customers save over a hundred dollars with a single purchase.

They have over 50% off the original price on select items and over 40% discounts with most clearance sales.

Especially during the off-season, they like to unload their old stock for a meager price, so make any purchases before the start of the soccer season for the most savings.

I highly recommend this store to beginner players who want to experiment with premium cleats immediately because of their affordability compared to other stores.

Another benefit of shopping at World Soccer Shop is their vast selection of equipment.

Since they have most types of gear from different brands, comparing prices from their website and finding equipment based on preferences is easy.

Best of all, players can obtain their gear with a single order.

#6: Temu

Temu can seem like an outlier on this list because they’re not necessarily a soccer store.

But they’re included on our list for a good reason; their incredible prices.

Without a doubt, Temu doesn’t have the highest quality equipment or the best customer service.

But considering that sometimes staying within budget is more important, Temu instantly becomes more attractive.

All necessary gear to play is available on Temu, from cleats and shin guards to soccer balls and pumps.

All of the essential gear can be acquired for less than $60 in total for the same equipment that costs more elsewhere.

I recommend Temu for beginner players because it’s one of the best ways to experiment with playing soccer without wasting much money.

Soccer Player Juggling Soccer Ball
‘Soccer Player Practicing Juggling Soccer Ball’ (#5 Unsplash – Desiray Green)

#7: Under Armour

Under Armour is not a popular option for purchasing soccer equipment, which is why it may be advantageous for beginner players. 

Their low popularity is what allows customers to purchase their products at a lower price than most other brands. 

And while they may not be as popular as other brands, their soccer equipment is still some of the highest-quality gear on the market. 

After all, they are a multi-billion dollar sports gear company. 

The only real drawback of shopping for soccer gear at Under Armour is that customers won’t have the flashiest equipment on the pitch. 

While most players prefer the latest and most popular gear, others are fine with prioritizing affordability.  

Under Armour Logo Displayed on the Wall
‘Under Armour Logo Displayed on the Wall’ (#6 Pexels – Henry & Co.)


Strictly Soccer Shoppe is a great option for consistently available equipment, including cleats, training gear, or jerseys. 

This store is more affordable than most other options, with frequent discounts and competitive prices. 

Their shipping time is respectable, varying from several business days to a little over a week across the United States. 

Adidas is a great place for beginners to shop for soccer equipment for two reasons; quality and availability. 

Online, Adidas sells any gear from ball bags to sweatpants or cleats, which will last customers several years before wearing out. 

Customers can save money by purchasing long-lasting products, such as a backpack, that will test the stand of time. 

Adidas also offers frequent sales and discounts that can further help customers save money on their products. 

WeGotSoccer is one of the best stores to purchase soccer gear primarily because of its great deals. 

Especially for cleats, their clearance section is full of massively discounted premium equipment that customers can save several hundred dollars with. 

For a good reason, they are one of the best stores to purchase high-quality cleats at an affordable price.

Soccer Garage is a relatively unknown store with great availability and amazing deals, specifically on soccer training equipment. 

Gear such as a ball bag or soccer balls can cost several hundred dollars at once, but with frequent sales, it’s easy to find a great deal on desired items. 

Additionally, they have a limited selection of jerseys and cleats if customers want to purchase all the necessary equipment from the same store. 

World Soccer Shop is a great place for beginner soccer players to experiment with premium quality soccer gear. 

This store offers unmatched prices on outgoing products using its Clearance section. 

It’s not uncommon to save over $100 with a single purchase on products that originally cost hundreds. 

Temu is a store that prioritizes affordability over any other characteristic. 

Most types of soccer equipment are offered through their online store with incredibly low prices and even lower during sales. 

Customers can obtain the same gear for less by shopping at Temu, with the only drawbacks being customer service and shipping times. 

Under Armour is a highly slept-on brand that sells great entry-level soccer gear at an affordable price. 

Due to their low popularity in soccer, most of their equipment remains in stock year-round. 

I highly recommend their entry-level cleats and training apparel because they’re high-quality at a competitive price range. 

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