Best Places to Shop for Authentic Soccer Jerseys in 2023

Expert section: Mate Kontra – I’ve played soccer at a very high level all my life. Throughout my time playing, I’ve been coached by ex-pro, D1, and Academy level coaches, currently playing at the MLS-Next level as a wingback in California. One of my favorite parts about the sport is wearing soccer jerseys and supporting my favorite club and players. Today, I will discuss the best places to purchase soccer jerseys. 

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Ever since I was little, growing up and watching soccer, I’ve always wanted to wear my favorite team’s jersey with my favorite player’s name on my back. 

But even with today’s standards, it’s difficult to find them because most places quickly run out of stock. 

What if I told you that several stores sell authentic soccer jerseys reliably?

In today’s article, we will discuss eight excellent places to purchase authentic soccer jerseys so you can wear your favorite jerseys anywhere. 


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Premium soccer cleats displayed in a soccer store
‘Premium Soccer Cleats Displayed in a Soccer Store’ (#1 Unsplash – Fachry Zella Devandra)

Top 8 Places to Buy Soccer Jerseys in 2023

Although authentic soccer jerseys are the main focus of this article, we have included places that provide another service as well. 

That service is making custom jerseys. 

Whether they are Sunday league kits with special designs or someone’s favorite club jersey with their name on the back, we will cover both. 

So without further ado, let’s get into the list!

Row of Manchester United Jerseys in Their Locker Room
‘Row of Manchester United Jerseys in Their Locker Room’ (#2 Unsplash – Colin Meg)

#1: SoccerWorld

For several reasons, SoccerWorld is a great place to shop for authentic soccer jerseys. 

Most of their selection narrows down to the top teams in Europe so that most people are satisfied with their available selection. 

They also aim to fit most of the fans with the age of the jerseys, as they have both the previous and the current season’s jerseys available. 

But what I love about SoccerWorld is their competitive prices on authentic jerseys that usually sell for a markup elsewhere. 

Most jerseys at SoccerWorld go for less than $100, while others sell them for over $120 or even $130. 

Additionally, they have all types of soccer merchandise for fans who want to support their teams off the pitch. 

High-quality hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, and more are available on their website. 

#2: Unisport

Unisport has a very convenient way of selling jerseys, which is why it made the list. 

Instead of selling whatever their available selection is, they have a tab under “Fan Shop” of “Star Players.” 

It provides customers with a list of well-known players worldwide; whichever player the customer chooses, the store offers equipment related to them, including authentic soccer jerseys. 

This system provides customers with two advantages. 

First, customers will always know what jerseys are in stock (based on the player names), so they can quickly skim through to find what they’re looking for. 

Second, players will see all other alternatives to jerseys related to the desired player. 

For example, if the player has sponsorships or exclusive cleat models, the store will offer them customers next to the jerseys they wear. 

Another advantage of using Unisport to shop for jerseys is their frequent sales & membership advantages.

Unisport is a store with competitive prices, but they also have frequent sales. 

Items on sale are usually on the front page of the web store, so it’s easy to scroll through to find any great deals. 

Their free membership also benefits customers by locking products from non-members to keep them in stock for regular customers. 

Authentic Arsenal Jersey From the 2019/20 Season
‘Authentic Arsenal Jersey From the 2019/20 Season’ (#3 Unsplash – Nelson Ndongala)

#3: Mainstream Stores

Mainstream stores are surprisingly reliable for purchasing soccer jerseys. 

Stores such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, or any store that manufactures their products fall under this category. 

The best part about mainstream stores is their customer experience and fast shipping. 

Additionally, they sell other merchandise, such as sweatpants, hoodies, and shirts that match the jerseys. 

The only downsides to shopping at mainstream stores are no name requests and certain apparel pieces are often sold out. 

#4: SoccerPro

When searching for jerseys with specific player names, SoccerPro is your best friend. 

When navigating onto their “Apparel” tab, they provide several options, including “Shop By Player.” 

Under this option, over 1800 unique jerseys are available with different names and teams. 

Their availability reaches even the 2018-19 season if customers want to find their favorite player’s name on their previous club’s jersey. 

Similarly to cleats, their selection comes at a higher price, as most jerseys with names go for over $100. 

But for good measure, they also sell jerseys with no names at a lower price, and the rest of the kit is also available. 

Other apparel, such as shirts, hoodies, or socks, are available if customers want to represent their clubs, even when nobody can tell.

A Man and a Woman Wearing the Brazil National Jersey
‘A Man and a Woman Wearing the Brazil National Jersey’ (#4 Unsplash – Fachry Zella Devandra)

#5: Soccer90

Soccer90 is a great place to buy authentic jerseys for several reasons. 

Firstly, their selection differs from other stores because they include many jerseys from teams in the MLS. 

Sure, they have a great selection of the jerseys of the top European teams, but they also have many jerseys from domestic teams. 

As stated in the expert section above, I have played high-level soccer in the United States for most of my life, so I would love to see the MLS grow!

If you’re from the United States and want to support the domestic league, I recommend searching for jerseys at Soccer90 because they have many MLS shirts. 

#6: SoccerGarage

Soccer Garage is a less popular soccer store that sells a variety of training gear for soccer players, including jerseys.

Their selection doesn’t make them the greatest per se, but what does is their fantastic discounts.

Most of their jersey selection consists of teams worldwide, from North America to South America, Europe, and the Saudi league.

Additionally, they offer many jerseys from previous seasons that are rarer now since only a few people have bought them.

Their selection even includes special edition jerseys and holiday releases that were only available for a limited time.

And it gets even better because their selection isn’t what makes them so great; their prices do.

Most stores have few clearance options for jerseys, making them expensive without providing any cheaper alternatives.

Soccer Garage, however, does a great job of providing markdowns on outdated jerseys and through sale events.

It’s not uncommon to see $100 jerseys selling for less than $50 at Soccer Garage, especially through holidays or between soccer seasons.

Brazilian Soccer Kit "Whodunelson" With Number 10
‘Brazilian Soccer Kit “Whodunelson” With Number 10’ (#5 Unsplash – Nelson Ndongala)

#7: Amazon

Amazon is an unlikely candidate to be a place to buy soccer jerseys because it’s not a sophisticated sports store. 

Most soccer gear on Amazon is very basic, and finding desired products is usually more difficult. 

However, when it comes to custom-made soccer jerseys, Amazon is one of the best places to order them at an affordable price. 

Most listings have pre-made designs; their only customizable aspect is the player name, player number, and team name. 

However, many listings will also allow customers to upload an image of their team logo if they want it displayed on the jersey.

If I were looking to mass-order game kits for a team larger than eleven players, I would use Amazon. 

The listings are relatively cheap, Amazon is very reliable, and some designs look decent enough to look stylish while playing a match. 

#8: Fansidea

Fansidea is a store that provides customizable match jerseys at an affordable price. 

I don’t have any first-hand experience with their store, but an old teammate of mine ordered our uniforms from them for a Sunday league team. 

The amount of jerseys available on Fansidea is decent. 

There are enough designs to find at least one that looks good enough to be worn by an entire team.

Everything else is customizable, including the name, number, and logo, so the jerseys will certainly be unique to your team. 

After wearing their jerseys for several weeks and playing in them, I was surprised about the quality of the product. 

They have cheap construction, and the material is thin, but that’s to be with the price of the listings. 

What surprised me was how well they held up. 

After playing many games in them in a rough sporting environment, the print hasn’t started falling off, and the material hasn’t ripped. 

The only wear I noticed on them was some paint fading along the seams of the sowing. 

Presumably, the paint starts to fade after washing them for prolonged periods. 

I didn’t notice anything wrong with them other than that, so they passed the quality check. 

I highly recommend them if you’re on a budget, your season is short, or there is no need for better-quality jerseys. 

Soccer Player Wearing a Custom Jersey
‘Soccer Player Wearing a Custom Jersey’ (#6 Unsplash – Wavebreakmedia)


SoccerWorld is the first shop that comes to mind when purchasing soccer jerseys. 

Most of their selection comprises the top European teams to fit most of the soccer fan base. 

But their main advantage is their price. 

Most jerseys they sell are offered for less than $100, while the same shirt is sold for well over $100 elsewhere. 

Unisport is another great store to shop for soccer jerseys reliably. 

Their store is straightforward to navigate for everyone because they have the option to search for products based on player names. 

Additionally, customers are greeted with frequent sales and exclusives if they sign up for a free membership with Unisport. 

Unlike soccer cleats, Mainstream stores are great places to shop for soccer jerseys. 

Nike, Adidas, and Puma sell their jerseys for competitive prices, and the best part is that they always have available stock. 

And the best part is that they sell matching apparel such as hoodies, sweatshirts, and sweatpants. 

SoccerPro is the best place to find jerseys if you’re looking for a specific name or season. 

Their immense selection spans over 1800 available unique jerseys, all the way from the 2018/19 season.

However, their pricing indicates that they know about their elite jersey collection and aren’t afraid to let everyone know. 

Most jerseys go for well over $100, and customers are lucky enough if they run into a sale. 

Soccer90 is a store that may not have an elite selection of soccer jerseys like other stores on the list, but they have something else. 

They made it on our list to support the United States domestic league, the MLS. 

Countless MLS jerseys are available on their web store, which is rare for such a popular soccer store. 

Soccer Garage is an online store with a large selection of soccer jerseys from many different leagues worldwide. 

Although they offer a wide variety of jerseys, they made our list because of their affordability and competitive prices. 

Most outgoing jerseys are massively discounted, often as high as 50%, and seasonal sales are frequent. 

Amazon is an unlikely candidate for this article, but we included it for a good reason. 

Customized jerseys are generally expensive, especially when ordering for an entire team, but Amazon makes it more affordable. 

Most listings are only half the price of offers at other places like, granted for a lower quality product, but when paired with Amazon’s reliability, it’s still a great deal. 

Fansidea is similar to Amazon, offering customizable jerseys for a meager price. 

Although they lack quality, they’re good enough to last about a season of Sunday league, with minimal paint fade along the seams. 

Many designs are available on their website with customizable options such as name, number, and team logo. 

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