Best Places to Shop for High-Quality Cleats for Less

Expert section: Mate Kontra – I’ve played soccer at a very high level all my life. Throughout my time playing, I’ve been coached by ex-pro, D1, and Academy level coaches, currently playing at the MLS-Next level as a wingback in California. Purchasing cleats has always been a financial burden to keep myself playing, but along the way, I’ve found places that make it more affordable. Here is everything you need to know. 

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There is no doubt about it; cleats are one of the biggest expenses for soccer players that comes up several times a season. 

Several hundred dollars for a single pair of cleats is too much money when they wear out in a matter of months. 

Every time I want to purchase new cleats, it’s a debate. 

But what if I told you it doesn’t have to be that way?

Using our vast experience, we came up with a list of the best places to shop for premium soccer cleats at a more affordable rate, so players can worry less about the cost of playing. 

Lastly, if you need any assistance finding the perfect pair of cleats, feel free to check out our guide to learn the ins and outs of finding the best pair of cleats.


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Authentic Soccer Jerseys of the German National Team
‘Authentic Soccer Jerseys of the German National Team’ (#1 Unsplash – Fachry Zella Devandra)

Top 7 Places to Shop for Premium Soccer Cleats Affordably

Before we get into the list, it’s important to clarify that premium cleats are models in the $200-$300 range. 

These are the flagship cleats of each manufacturer, and most places offer them at costly rates. 

Since cleats of this magnitude provide the best performance for players, it leaves no option for them but to bite the bullet and pay the price. 

But stores included on our list are much different. 

They do their best to make purchasing premium cleats more affordable with various methods. 

Whether with clearance discounts, flash sales, or simply offering cleats at a lower price, we have included them all. 

So without further ado, let’s get into the list!

White and Pink Nike Phantom GT Soccer Cleats
‘White and Pink Nike Phantom GT Soccer Cleats’ (#2 Unsplash – Philip Blystone)

#1: is one of the best places for shopping for authentic soccer cleats, period. 

Even before mentioning their prices, this place has features unmatched by any other store selling soccer cleats. 

Specifically, their “testing phase” policy allows customers to test any pair of cleats for 30 days and return them if unsatisfied, no questions asked. 

But let’s move on to why you’re here: affordability. 

Naturally, shopping for premium cleats at is like any other, especially when searching for the latest arrivals. 

Their advantage lies in their membership program, exclusive sales, and massive discounts on outgoing models (under their SALE tab). 

Goal Club

Their “Goal Club” program costs $4 for a lifetime membership and offers a 10% discount on every pair of cleats in their elite selection. 

Although 10% may sound little initially, considering that cleats cost over $250 nowadays, 10% goes a long way.

Not only that, but members unlock special discounts worth much more than 10% and can save over $100 with a single purchase. 

If you’re not a member, there is still good news for you.

Customers can enjoy massive discounts on countless pairs of premium cleats even without joining Goal Club. has a ‘SALE’ tab which includes many pairs of cleats worth nearly $300 offered for as low as $130, and even lower with Goal Club. 

Although most of these shoes are outgoing models from the current season, they can be perfect practice cleats. 

They occasionally offer discounts on new arrivals, but it’s rarer than outgoing models. 

Purchasing cleats with these smaller sales can be sustainable, but customers can save much more if they are Goal Club members as well. 

#2: WeGotSoccer

WeGotSoccer is very similar to the previous store (, mostly because both are exclusively online and provide amazing deals. 

The difference is that instead of a membership program, WeGotSoccer places all its efforts into having as many discounts as possible. 

Major discounts are listed under the “Clearance” tab when visiting their web store. 

Everything from the outgoing models to the latest arrivals is available through clearance, which is something I have yet to see other stores do. 

Additionally, WeGotSoccer offers exclusive discounts through their email list, which customers can freely sign up for by registering an account with their website.

Soccer Player Tying the Laces of Nike Phanton GT Cleats
‘Soccer Player Tying the Laces of Nike Phanton GT Cleats’ (#3 Unsplash – Benjamin Lehman)

#3: Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods is known for having basic sports gear for various sports in physical locations. 

However, their online store selection differs from their physical stores. 

Unlike the physical stores, the online store has a much larger variety of equipment for all sports, including soccer. 

They have every popular pair of cleats in their vast selection, all at a competitive price.  

But the real reason they made our list is the predictability of their sales. 

Dick’s offers massive discounts through seasonal and holiday sales, so there is no need to check their website or email list for any notifications. 

Regardless of their reputation for selling basic equipment, they have many amazing deals through sales that can save a ton of money for customers. 

#4: Nike

As a mainstream store that sells its own products, Nike is not known for their sales. 

So why include them on this list? 

Well, the first reason is their seasonal sales. 

Much like Dick’s, Nike has seasonal discounts that can be worth a lot of money if customers strike fast enough. 

Nike is a popular store that thousands of people use to purchase soccer equipment, so cleats sell out very quickly. 

A solution is to sign up for their email list by registering an account with their store to receive notifications about discounts and potential deals. 

Another reason they are a good option for customers to save money on premium cleats is their clearance sales. 

When new cleats launch, some models will be more popular than others, leaving certain models unsold.

Unsold models generally go on sale after a certain time, allowing customers to take advantage of great prices on premium cleats. 

Additionally, Nike often does the same with cleats that are only available in sizes that are too small or too large for the average customer. 

Yellow Mercurial Superfly Cleats
‘Yellow Mercurial Superfly Cleats’ (#4 Unsplash – Caleb Kim)

#5: Pro:Direct Soccer

Direct Soccer has several features that make shopping for premium soccer cleats more affordable. 

Firstly, they have seasonal and holiday sales, where older models and recent arrivals receive massive discounts. 

These markdowns on cleats vary depending on how new or popular they are, but regardless, customers save significant money on purchases. 

From what I’ve seen, customers can save anywhere from $50 to even $150, depending on the cleat. 

But that’s not all, because members can save even more. 

Direct Soccer’s membership program, called “Elite Club,” costs a single payment of $5. 

Members receive a 10% discount on all purchases, exclusive sale offers, early access to new arrivals and discounts, and even a birthday gift!

With all discounts active, I’ve seen $300 cleats sell for as low as $120. 

That said, paying attention to email notifications is important because their site is quite popular, so cleats tend to sell out fast during a sale. 

#6: StrictlySoccer

StrictlySoccer is a great store to save money on cleats with because they’re less popular than other stores on this list. 

They’re relatively unknown, leaving many popular cleats available on their web store. 

But more importantly, how can customers save money by shopping at their store?

From what I’ve noticed, most of the savings will be through clearance discounts and other types of sales. 

Discounts can be anywhere from 10% to over 35%, which is significant considering that most premium cleats cost over $250. 

Additionally, they have seasonal and holiday sales, so cleats are often available at a lower price. 

Their frequent discounts, paired with free shipping on orders over $75, make them a reliable place to purchase premium cleats for a lower cost. 

Soccer Player Holding Yellow Nike Vapor 14 Cleats
‘Soccer Player Holding Yellow Nike Vapor 14 Cleats’ (#5 Unsplash – Jonathan Saavedra Perales)

#7: Puma

Although Puma is a mainstream store, they’re a surprisingly great option to shop for premium cleats affordably. 

Here is everything you need to know. 

Puma is a top-rated store that sells various clothing for sports aside from soccer, streetwear, and all of the above. 

Due to their popularity, they host seasonal sales, holiday sales, flash sales, and all types of discounts throughout the year. 

The point is they have frequent markdowns year-round. 

With so many discounts it only takes time for customers to find a great deal on cleats they would love to have. 

Black Soccer Cleats Made of Synthetic Materials
‘Black Soccer Cleats Made of Synthetic Materials’ (#6 Unsplash – Braden Hopkins)

Summary isn’t just great because they have competitive prices and frequent sales, but also because of its membership program. 

Becoming a lifetime member costs a single payment of $4, which will land customers a 10% discount on all cleats and provide exclusive offers and sales through email. 

Exclusive offers and discounts are so enormous at that customers can save over $100 on single purchases regularly. 

WeGotSoccer is very similar to

Though they do not have a membership program that guarantees discounts on cleat purchases, they have a massive clearance section. 

Whether brand-new or outgoing models, they provide massive discounts on premium cleats ranging from 10% to 60% off the original price. 

Dick’s Sporting Goods is known for offering basic equipment for all types of sports in its physical stores. 

However, their online store has a much larger variety of high-quality equipment, including premium soccer cleats.

Dick’s made the list because of the predictability of their sales through holidays and seasonal changes. 

It lets customers know when sales happen without having to research on their own. 

Nike is a mainstream store that has yet to be known for its sales and discounts, but here is why it may still be an affordable option. 

Aside from their seasonal and holiday sales, Nike’s popularity opens the door for great clearance markdowns. 

At each cleat arrival, some models and sizes are more popular than the rest, leaving many cleats in stock for a long time. 

These cleats are generally put on sale or clearance, giving many customers a chance to purchase premium cleats for an affordable price. 

Pro:Direct Soccer is one of the best stores to shop for premium cleats at a lower price for several reasons. 

Firstly, they have frequent sales that provide massive discounts on various cleats, allowing customers to save over a hundred dollars with a single purchase. 

Additionally, customers can join their membership program for $5, which provides a 10% discount on any purchase, including cleats. 

StrictlySoccer is a relatively unknown store, and here is why they’re more affordable than their competition. 

Their advantage lies in their popularity. 

Most well-known stores sell out very quickly during sales, making it easy for customers to miss out on great deals. 

Shopping at StrictlySoccer eliminates this issue because fewer people shop at their store, so premium cleats are always available. 

Puma is another mainstream store that makes shopping more affordable using sales. 

Puma is different because they have so many seasonal, holiday, or annual sales that there are massive discounts all the time. 

Though they discount less from their prices, the volume of their discounts more than makes up for it. 

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