Best Places to Shop for Affordable Soccer Cleats

Expert section: Mate Kontra – I’ve played soccer at a very high level all my life. Throughout my time playing, I’ve been coached by ex-pro, D1, and Academy level coaches, currently playing at the MLS-Next level as a wingback in California. Purchasing cleats has always been a financial burden to keep myself playing, but along the way, I’ve found places with wide collections of affordable cleats. Here are the best places to shop for affordable cleats. 

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Throughout my time playing soccer, I’ve realized that playing the sport isn’t cheap by any means. 

Paying for transportation, club memberships, and necessary equipment are all part of it, but one expense that consistently puts a dent into the wallet is cleats. 

Regardless of the level or age, cleats will be an expense that all players must take care of to keep playing in an organized environment. 

To help you reduce costs relating to cleats, we have made a list of places that offer soccer cleats at an affordable price. 


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Elite Synthetic Material Adidas Cleats
‘Elite Synthetic Material Adidas Cleats’ (#1 Unsplash – Braden Hopkins)

Top 6 Places to Shop for Affordable Soccer Cleats

Most popular soccer stores around the United States, or even worldwide, do not sell entry-level versions of cleats. 

Most models are at the higher end of $200, while some are just over $100. 

But these cleats are far from sustainable when they quickly wear out through rough use. 

So in this article, we will discuss less popular stores that offer great prices on quality cleats, whether through frequent sales or regular pricing. 

Additionally, we recommend checking premium soccer stores’ clearance sections when shopping for new cleats because they may have great deals available. 

Cheap Soccer Shoes Hanging by the Laces
‘Cheap Soccer Shoes Hanging by the Laces’ (#2 Envato – halfpoint)

#1: Amazon

When prioritizing price over everything else in soccer cleats, Amazon is one of the best places to find a new pair. 

They’re known for having basic sports gear for low prices, which in most cases, is everything players need to start playing. 

Most of the cleats at this price range on Amazon are off-brand, with a few pairs of entry-level cleats from Nike and Adidas.

I recommend searching for these cleats from brands like Nike and Adidas because they have better quality and durability than off-brand examples. 

I also recommend taking advantage of Amazon’s delivery times and return policy when shopping for new cleats. 

Cheaper cleats can be a hit or miss, even if they’re name-brand models like Nike or Adidas, so purchasing multiple pairs at once is a great idea. 

Test-fit each pair without playing in them to see which one you like the best, and return the rest to Amazon. 

#2: Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods is similar to Amazon because they offer quality soccer gear and the option to order products online. 

However, Dick’s also has physical stores around the United States, allowing customers to receive products upon purchase. 

Pricing is slightly different at Dick’s because their cleat selection is more expensive. 

At the low end, Dick’s offers cleats for roughly $40-$60, but with frequent discounts, I’ve purchased quality pairs for less than $30. 

A convenient feature that Dick’s provides is ordering products to stores near you for pickup. 

Anything out of stock online or in the nearest store but in stock at another can be ordered to any other location for pickup. 

Customers pay for the product online, and Dick’s notifies them as soon as their item is ready for pickup. 

Expensive Nike Tiempo Leather Cleats
‘Red and White Nike Tiempo Soccer Cleats’ (#3 Unsplash – Tom Sodoge)

#3: Temu

Temu may be an unlikely candidate to order soccer cleats, but here is why they may be a great option for you. 

Firstly, their prices are unmatched by any store I’ve seen when shopping for soccer cleats. 

Most cleats that cost upwards of $40 elsewhere are available at Temu for less than $20. 

Additionally, their web store automatically filters discounts to the top of the page, so it’s easy to spot high-quality cleats selling for a low price. 

A common concern when ordering from Temu is quality control. 

Since cleats are mass-produced, customers can have peace of mind that their item is high-quality. 

However, I would still purchase trusted brands such as Puma, Nike, or Adidas because they have a reputation for having great quality.  

The most significant drawback of ordering from Temu is the delivery time. 

It can take several weeks for customers to receive their orders, which could be too much for many customers. 

However, with minimal planning, working around the delivery time is possible. 

I usually order new cleats when my old pair shows signs of wear so that the new pair arrives as soon as the old ones become worn out. 

#4: Big 5 Sporting Goods

Big 5 is a small sporting store catered toward recreational players or hobbyists that offers competitive prices on a large variety of sports products, including soccer cleats. 

Simplicity allows the Big 5 to offer great prices on quality soccer cleats because they mostly offer entry-level cleats from name-brand manufacturers like Adidas. 

Though Big 5 may not offer anything special, they have frequent sales on cleats that already go for a great price. 

It’s not uncommon to find a $60 pair of cleats going for $30 or $40 because that’s how they do business. 

Furthermore, Big 5 has a lot in common with Dick’s sporting goods, as they have physical stores all around the US and a web store. 

The web store offers products at a similar price to their physical stores, but delivery times can take some time. 

Big 5 uses FedEx as their delivery service, so products can arrive anywhere from a couple of days to over a week after purchase. 

But they also have a quicker alternative to house delivery, which is delivering the product to a physical store for pickup. 

Orange Adidas Cleats on Grey Carpet
‘Orange Adidas Cleats on Grey Carpet’ (#4 Unsplash – Fachry Zella Devandra)

#5: Nike

The Nike store is a great place to shop for affordable soccer cleats for two main reasons. 

Firstly, because of their availability, and secondly, for their reliability. 

Most brands that manufacture cleats make different versions of each model they sell to target customers with different budgets. 

Each version of cleats is slightly different in quality, with entry-level cleats being the cheapest and lowest quality. 

But when reviewing Nike, it would be criminal to consider their entry-level cleats low-quality. 

Having played soccer for most of my life, I’ve bought countless low-quality cleats for practice and rough use, and Nike has the best quality. 

Their break-in period is short, they are very comfortable, and they have minimal downgrades compared to flagship models. 

An additional benefit is that entry-level cleats remain in stock year-round. 

Most soccer players tend to purchase the most expensive models shown in action-packed ads with famous professionals. 

As flagship models sell out within days, more affordable versions remain under the radar, and nobody buys them. 

Meanwhile, future customers can enjoy the savings benefit while having peace of mind with a high-quality product and reliable customer service. 

Flashy Nike Store in a Mall
‘Flashy Nike Store in a Mall’ (#5 Unsplash – Craig Loveridge)

#6: WeGotSoccer

WeGotSoccer is a well-established store where quality meets affordability. 

Even after shopping there several times, this web store always amazes me with its offers and prices on cleats that I could only dream of several months earlier. 

Although affordability is relative, the clearance section of is nothing but affordable (Especially the deals on pages 2 and 3). 

Dozens of pairs have over a hundred dollars discounted from their original price for being the outgoing model. 

It’s unbelievable, but cleats originally sold for nearly $300 are as low as $120 in their clearance section. 

And those aren’t the only discounts that amaze me. 

Even cleats that cost roughly $70 are available for less than $20!

Bundesliga Team Hamburger SV Celebrating With Their Fans
‘Bundesliga Team Hamburger SV Celebrating With Their Fans’ (#6 Unsplash – Waldemar)


Amazon is the first store we discussed on this list for being a great place to shop for cleats affordably, and for a good reason. 

They have basic sporting gear that is made specifically to be affordable. 

Even Nike or Adidas cleats go for less than $30, which makes them a great place to purchase cleats for a low price without sacrificing quality. 

Dick’s Sporting Goods is similar to Amazon because they offer quality cleats. 

Their advantage lies in having physical stores across the United States, eliminating the wait customers have to sit through to receive their orders. 

Alternatively, if a certain product is out of stock, customers can have it delivered to their desired location for pickup. 

Temu is also a great web store where customers can purchase a wide array of cleats at an affordable price. 

Their selection is so affordable that they’re the only store with such low prices.  

Cleats sold for $70 elsewhere are sold for less than $20 by Temu, with the only drawback being the shipping time, which can take several weeks at worst. 

Big 5 Sporting Goods is similar to Dick’s because they have options for shopping at a physical store and online. 

Big 5’s cleat selection is mostly made of entry-level models by brands such as Nike or Adidas, maintaining quality while providing affordable options. 

Like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Big 5 has a pickup option at any store location as an alternative to home delivery. 

Nike is a great place to shop for affordable soccer cleats because they offer high-quality products that are consistently available. 

Compared to most other manufacturers, their entry-level cleats are some of the best in every metric. 

Additionally, customers will have peace of mind from shopping at a well-known store with a worldwide audience. 

Great customer service and fast shipping are only a few benefits that their service provides. 

New Balance is one of the best brands in the shoe industry today, and recently they’ve been making moves in the soccer world as well. 

The greatest advantage of their entry-level soccer cleats is their durability. 

Though they can be difficult to break in, they’ve held up better than any other brand with rough training. 

Many pairs from their selection are available for relatively low prices, but the main part of the savings comes from the longevity of the cleats.

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