Top 8 Best Places to Shop Soccer Cleats in 2023

Expert section: Mate Kontra – I’ve played soccer at a very high level all my life. Throughout my time playing, I’ve been coached by ex-pro, D1, and Academy level coaches, currently playing at the MLS-Next level as a wingback in California. I’ve purchased countless pairs of cleats every year to keep playing soccer. But it wasn’t always easy to do so. Here are the best and most reliable places to purchase soccer cleats. 

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As a soccer player, finding a reliable place to shop for new cleats has been a great struggle.

Whether it is Adidas, Nike, Puma, or even New Balance lately, they’re out of stock as soon as new cleats launch. 

So what’s the solution? 

Over the years, I have spent endless hours finding the best places to shop for cleats and have a pretty strong list. 

In this article, I will share everything I know so you can find your favorite pair of cleats within minutes. 


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Lineup of Quality Adidas Soccer Shoes
‘Lineup of Quality Adidas Soccer Shoes’ (#1 Fachry Zella Devandra – Unsplash)

Top 8 Places to Shop for Soccer Cleats

To make the list more convenient for our audience, each store we discuss provides the option to order products online. 

Availability is our primary concern in this article, but feel free to check out any links throughout the text for additional information. 

So without further ado, let’s get right into the list!

TSV 1860 Münich Football Club Fan Shop
‘TSV 1860 Münich Football Club Fan Shop’ (#2 Unplash – Noppon Meenuch)

#1: SoccerWorld (Personal Favorite)

The first store on this list, which I’ve had an amazing experience with, is SoccerWorld. 

It’s the first store I check when new models of cleats come out because I know that they will have them (see Product Availability below).

The store website is easy to navigate, has organized tabs, and products are logically categorized to give customers a great experience. 

Product Availability

Now onto the more important topic. 

New cleats are available on their web store soon after launch – a few weeks at most. 

But they’re my favorite because they’re less known than mainstream stores like Nike or Adidas.

Cleats are almost always in-stock because of this, so customers can have peace of mind that their favorite pair of cleats are in stock. 

The best way to know when new models arrive is by registering an account with their website. 

Emails are sent time-to-time (every month or so) to inform customers about recent arrivals or new deals. 

Unlike most email lists, their alerts are handy because they don’t spam customers with advertisements. 

They’re selective about what they send to customers, so whenever SoccerWorld appears in the inbox, it contains an important message. 

Launch dates, discount codes, or markdown notifications are all included in these emails. 

Soccer Player Wearing Worn Soccer Cleats
‘Soccer Player Wearing Worn Soccer Cleats’ (#3 Pexels – Gonzalo Acuña)

#2: SoccerPro 

The second store on our list is SoccerPro, local to California. 

Due to its wide selection, it is hands-down one of the best stores to shop for cleats. 

We would have placed it higher on the list; however, the availability of cleats can be a hit or miss depending on the customer. 

Product Availability

SoccerPro is a trendy place to shop for soccer cleats. 

Brand-new models are sold almost immediately by SoccerPro, which makes them a great option to hunt for the newest models. 

With that said, it’s important to know exactly when new cleats launch because their stock runs out within days. 

Luckily, they have a mailing list for customers to sign up for the latest merchandise information. 

So for customers who love the thrill of waking up early to get their hands on the latest cleats, I highly recommend SoccerPro. 

Unfortunately, their popularity has another downside. 

SoccerPro rarely has sales, so their prices are some of the highest customers will find. 

They’re a great source for attaining the newest model cleats as long as customers are willing to pay for them. 

Soccer Player Tying His New Cleats
‘Soccer Player Tying His New Cleats’ (#4 Pexels – Jonathas Cardoso)

#3: (Overall Best) is the best place to shop for cleats based on what they offer. 

Their store is fully online and has many features that their competition doesn’t offer.

Shipping and return policies are second to none, with a 30-day testing phase and return guarantee!

After reviewing them, it sounds like they love giving money away. 

Product Availability is one of the best when it comes to availability. 

Although I have limited experience hunting for the latest cleats, sells them shortly after launch. 

Their selection is also very diverse, selling almost every brand that manufactures cleats. 

The only real concern is their popularity because cleats sell out relatively quickly, so customers need to know when new models launch to get their hands on a pair. 

Furthermore, is great when it comes to sales. 

Customers’ first option to save money is to subscribe to a program called “Goal Club” for $4, which secures lifetime membership. 

Goal Club provides a 10% discount on every order of cleats, and the more purchases customers complete, the more discounts they will receive. 

Not to mention, they regularly have other sales, which can save customers hundreds of dollars almost immediately. 

Soccer Player Trying On New Cleats for the First Time
‘Soccer Player Trying On New Cleats for the First Time’ (#5 Pexels – Animesh Srivastava)

#4: Unisport

Unisport is a Danish Football (Soccer) store founded in 1995. 

They’re one of the most popular soccer stores worldwide, so their shopping experience is some of the best. 

Here is why they are a great option for you. 

Product Availability

In terms of cleat availability, Unisport has everything. 

From the outgoing models to the ones that barely came out, they’re all listed on their web store. 

Not only that, but a feature almost unique to Unisport is their wide availability of Soft Ground cleats (cleats for grass use). 

The only downside is their popularity across Europe and the United States. 

Larger sizes of popular cleats tend to sell out quickly, leaving most of their selection too large or too small for the average customer. 

Similarly to, Unisport has a member system that provides customers with discounts on many products, especially cleats. 

But they took it further because some cleats are only available to members to prevent popular models from being sold out to loyal customers. 

And becoming a member is completely free; customers have to enter their email and complete the verification process as instructed on the web store. 

Additionally, they have frequent sales and clearances on the most expensive models, allowing customers to have the best cleats at an affordable price. 

However, there is a small catch for people who live in America. 

Unisport is based in Denmark, so they use European Currency for payment, which is stronger than the Dollar as of 2023.

That means each order will cost a few bucks more than the listing price. 

Soccer Player Adjusting Slip-In Shin Guards
‘Soccer Player Adjusting Slip-In Shin Guards’ (#6 Pexels – Jona Møller)

#5: Flight Club

Flight Club is the most unexpected store on this list. 

They’re not the store for the average buyer, but their elite selection of cleats makes them worthy of being on this list. 

Flight Club predominantly sells premium sneakers for people who are willing to pay a high price for them. 

It’s no different in the market of soccer cleats. 

They take premium models of soccer cleats, such as exclusives or limited models, and keep them until the price goes up to sell them. 

Product Availability

As we said, Flight Club has an elite selection of cleats that customers can buy. 

They purchase cleats at launch only to keep them until their value increases. 

They have most premium or exclusive cleats that have been sold in recent years, which are rare nowadays. 

I recommend Flight Club to players who love exclusive cleats and are willing to pay a high price for them. 

Style comes at a cost, and Flight Club is willing to prove its point by having several models costing over $1000. 

If you need any help determining whether or not purchasing iconic cleats is worth it, feel free to check out our guide specifically tailored for you!

Vintage Chelsea Soccer Cleats On Display
‘Vintage Chelsea Soccer Cleats On Display’ (#7 Unsplash – Virginia Marinova)

#6: We Got Soccer

We Got Soccer is a store that shares a lot in common with Unisport regarding availability. 

They only have a few physical stores, but they have one of the best online stores that sell soccer cleats. 

Product Availability

Cleat availability at We Got Soccer narrows to the popular mainstream brands. 

They have an impressive selection of Nike, Adidas, and Puma cleats, with several models of New Balance and even Unozero cleats. 

Newer models, regardless of the brand, are almost always in stock, so they’re also a reliable store to acquire brand-new cleats. 

When discussing the prices that We Got Soccer offers, there are a couple of advantages and disadvantages. 

Firstly, outgoing models are almost always in clearance with huge discounts, making premium cleats more affordable. 

Customers can also register for an account to receive notifications of sales and new arrivals to never miss a potential deal. 

And on top of that, free shipping is offered for any orders of cleats that cost over $100. 

But that’s where the advantages stop. 

Because when purchasing brand-new models, customers will often have to pay over $250, or roughly $300. 

Soccer Player Crossing the Ball Into the Box
‘Soccer Player Crossing the Ball Into the Box’ (#8 Pexels – Thiago Kai)

#7: World Soccer Shop

World Soccer Shop is the best store for the average player to purchase cleats. 

Instead of always having the newest and most popular cleats, they focus on prices. 

So if you’re the type of player who wants to spend less but still get the same quality of cleats, then World Soccer Shop is for you!

Product Availability

The availability at World Soccer Shop is definitely more limited than at stores like 

Several brands of cleats are available, but most models are outgoing or cheaper versions of recently launched cleats. 

That may sound like a bummer to some players, but it’s the perfect store for those who want a reliable pair of cleats. 

Sales are no joke at World Soccer Shop. 

They frequently have discounts of up to 50% on cleats that cost several hundred dollars. 

I wish I had known about them earlier because I could have saved hundreds of dollars on cleats I would have bought anyway. 

Brand New Leather Soccer Cleats About to be Used
‘Brand New Leather Soccer Cleats About to be Used’ (#9 Pexels – Kevin McCartney)

#8: Mainstream Stores

By mainstream stores, we are referring to stores such as Nike, Adidas, or Puma

Essentially any store that isn’t third-party selling its own products. 

Here is why they may or may not be a good option. 

Product Availability

The availability at most mainstream stores could be better, to say the least. 

Since most of the stock will go out as wholesale items to other stores, the number of pairs sold directly to customers is limited. 

They run out of stock quickly, so most people don’t get a chance to order one for themselves. 

But for those who insist on having the newest cleats early, this is another place to rely on!

Mainstream stores will always be the first to sell the newest cleats, but only to those willing to pay the price. 

Modern cleats cost over $250 at launch, which only drops when future models are announced. 

Additionally, most pairs are sold wholesale to other stores, so discounts on mainstream stores are rare. 

Premium Nike Store Displaying Stores
‘Premium Nike Store Displaying Stores’ (#10 Unsplash – Mathias Reding)


SoccerWorld is the first site we discussed in this article, as it is my favorite store to shop for cleats. 

SoccerWorld is one of the best places to buy the newest cleats due to being less known than most of their competition.

Cleats are often in stock, which makes them a reliable source for customers looking to buy the upcoming cleat models. 

I’ve never had a time when my favorite cleats were out of stock, so it is my go-to store for good reason. 

SoccerPro is a popular soccer store local to California. 

This store usually has new cleats shortly after launch, making them a great option for customers who want the latest models early. 

Remember that this is a top-rated store across the United States to purchase cleats, so their stock gets sold quickly. is our overall best pick for customers to shop for cleats. 

New models of cleats arrive on soon after their manufacturers launch them at an affordable price. 

If didn’t have competitive prices, customers could acquire a lifetime membership to “Goal Club” for only $4, securing a 10% discount on every pair of cleats. 

Additionally, customers are granted points to their account for every order they make, qualifying them for additional discounts on future purchases. 

Unisport is a Danish soccer store founded in 1995. 

They’re one of the most popular stores worldwide to purchase soccer cleats. 

Most cleats are available on Unisport as soon as they are launched by their manufacturers, giving customers a second chance to get their hands on a pair early. 

What sets them apart, though, is their wide selection of Soft Ground cleats that are difficult to find anywhere else. 

When discussing Flight Club, most people think of reselling premium sneakers for a massive markup. 

Well, they do the same with soccer cleats. 

Flight Club buys exclusive and limited cleat models and sells them for an expensive markup when their value increases. 

They’re an excellent source of premium cleats that are out of production, but don’t be surprised when price tags are over $1,000. 

We Got Soccer shares a lot in common with Unisport. 

It’s a popular store with the hottest cleat models for which most players are in the market.

The benefit of shopping at We Got Soccer is that outgoing models are heavily discounted, often placed in clearance as soon as new cleats come out. 

Additionally, new models arrive on the web store shortly after their launch, which makes them another great site for players that want the new cleats early. 

World Soccer Shop is the store for the average player. 

Although they don’t always have the newest cleats immediately, outgoing models are frequently on sale for a fraction of their original price. 

It’s not uncommon that discounts reach up to 40% on cleats that were originally $300. 

I wish I discovered them sooner than I did because I could have saved hundreds of dollars on cleats I would have bought anyway. 

Mainstream Stores are tricky to purchase soccer cleats from. 

Manufacturers sell most of their stock to other stores, so pairs sold directly to customers run out quickly. 

I recommend mainstream stores to players eager to get the newest cleats because it’s expensive and requires research to know when they launch. 

Hopefully, this list provided useful information to help you find the pair of cleats you have been searching for. 

If you’re new to soccer and need help choosing a pair of cleats that fit you, check out our guide to help you through the process. 

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